Reading Multiple Files

When will DEVONThink give us the ability to read mutiple selected files? I know that if you select more than one group you can see all files in sequence, which is nice. But the same does not apply to selection of more than file. When more than one is selected nothing happens.

Select the documents you wish to open (Command-click can select non-contiguous items).

Command-click on a selection and choose Open. Multiple document windows will appear.

Or Command-click on a selection and choose Open in Tabs (which I usually prefer).

Bill, I believe @Nhaps might be requesting something different. “Read multiple selected files” probably doesn’t mean multiple windows, but a single window displaying the content of multiple files sequentially. This is frequently called “Scrivenings view” after the name for the feature in Scrivener. Although other application do the same thing – Ulysses III for instance. This has been requested here several times (someone else can find the links). I think it would be helpful but would have to be restricted to selecting multiple files of the same type – plain text, Markdown, RTF, etc. It’s a difficult feature to accomplish with PDFs, HTML, or any selection of mixed file types.

Exactly. What Bill suggested is already clear, but to be able to read in sequence a bunch of files would be an asset. The “Scrivenings” mode is requested for RTF files, primarily. It’s for notes, not to read PDF files. What would be best is to read all RTF within a Group OR as files are selected. Ideally, this should work for Tags View as well. That is, sub-tags within a tag should be read continuously, or tags selected for that matter. And BTW, the same should apply to files within Small Folders (I may be getting carried away here now…)