Reading RSS feeds from PubMed

Physicians, biomedical researchers and other technical readers may be interested in something that I’ve just started to experiment with.

PubMed, from the National Library of Medicine, now offers RSS feeds on user-defined searches. The user can enter a search strategy and, every day, will receive an RSS feed of any relevant newly added citations to the Medline database. I’ve set up the RSS feed from PubMed - it’s very easy to do with the step by step instructions provided. And I’ve set up DevonThink to receive the feeds. Will provide an update in the next several days to see how it’s working. If it does, this will provide a way for me to keep up to date on a few topics about which I really want to be current.

On the first pass, it worked perfectly. Now we’ll see if the RSS feeds do indeed get automatically updated daily. Stay tuned!

Michael Marrin
McMaster University
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Sorry to be lazy but would you kindly give us the link for this? I tried googling Pubmed and RSS but no go. Thanks!


On the first screen is an announcement about the RSS service with instructions on how to set it up

Very easy. I’m now watching to see if new citations are automatically appearing in the feed when I click on it in DT.

M. Marrin

I’ve been trying out the RSS feed service from PubMed (National Library of Medicine) now for about 1 week. It seems to be working. When I click on my DT entry, I’m connected to PubMed and the feed is updated. It does not appear to happen automatically (ie, in the background continuously) but that is not a problem for me. DT also appears to keep the previous download so that I can use the back arrow to go back to the previous feed.

The feed provides links to the publications so it’s an easy matter to link to and download the articles.

So far so good. I have created three RSS feeds and they seem to be working fine.

M. Marrin


I started using these RSS feeds yesterday, and they still seem to be working fine. However, I am wondering if somebody has developed an automated method for exporting an article from DT to Papers or another bibliographic software program. I can accomplish this manually but having an automated process would deftly be an improvement.

Perhaps I am missing something, but the feeds do not seem to be updating as expected, even when selecting “update feeds” is there some way to troubleshoot this?