Readwise Reader and DT

for a better RSS experience

Define this.

Sure! Ideally I want a reader that syncs easily across iOS and MacOS (there are plenty of app, I know - I still also use Feedly). Something that, esp. on the go, is nimble and pleasing enough on the eye. Much of my RSS reading is for entertainment, but sometimes I’d like to bring something across to DT for long term storage. Because of the issue you’ve helped me with on another thread (I can’t use the share extension at the moment on MacOS) I’ve tried to bring all my RSS into a dedicated DT database of feeds. It works ok on Mac (but I get a lot of 404 and 410 errors, tens or hundreds every day, for feeds that seem at times to update themselves later again). With DTTG I didn’t have much joy as a reader on the go - syncing was quite slow for instance.

Nope, not at present. If you’ve saved a webpage you need to open the original (there’s a button to do this in app). There’s no export function for documents at present.

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