Really Weird Import Problem

I imported an uber-Folder filled with .tif scans and pdfs.

The uber-folder contains 17 folders and 12 single files.

Preferences set to link to originals for both pdfs and images.

I selected the uber-folder in IMPORT.

All I can see in DT are four folders that are inside one of the 17 folders, and each of them has one .doc inside it. I have pdfs at the root level of this uber-folder and they didn’t import.

What’s the problem?

Anybody have any ideas? I’d appreciate any thoughts on the matter.


First thought: How long did you give the import to complete? It sounds like you have a great many files involved. It takes time to import the text of each PDF, set up icons for images, etc. When you inspected the imported data, you may have seen only a very partial import that will finish up if given enough time.

What OS are you using, and what are your preferences for PDFs?


I’m using Tiger 1.4.1 and my PDFs are set to “Link to Originals.” So are my Images for the purpose of this Import because there are a lot of .tifs, (not .tiffs.)

I assumed the Import was over as soon as the progression box went away.

I left the screen to do what it had to do and came back 30 minutes later, so I have no idea how long the progression box took.

Thanks for helping with this.