Reason for not being able to save edited PDF in Inbox?

Hi team. Regularly forget PDF I’m editing’s in Inbox to discover only when tried to save edited file. System will prompt file to be saved as a copy somewhere else. What’s the reason for this? Any way to circumvent? Cheers.

It’s Apple’s way of protecting data from modification in the User Library. No, there’s no way to get around it except to file the PDF in another database first.

Cheers for the quick reply. Often forgetting to move files before editing :grimacing:

You’re welcome.

I regularly edit PDFs in the inbox - but I use Acrobat to do so. Whilst Preview will insist on saving the file to a different name/location, Acrobat is quite happy to just get on with it. The same may well be true of other editors, so that might be your workaround.

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Nice :+1:. Thanks for the tip.