Rebuild Database problem

I rebuilt the database and reviewed the resulting log entry. About 35 files were listed as “failed,” meaning they did not import.

First Question: Any idea why this happened? I can’t find an consistent pattern. Some of them were large PDFs, some were very small PDFs. Some were JPGs, but not particularly large.

I can use “right click—> show in finder” on the log entry to find the original file and manually import it into DevonThink. This is a hassle, but beyond the inconvenience, don’t always know where the file belongs within the folder hierarchy I’ve set up within Devon. It’s important that these files end up in the right folder in Devon.

Second Question: Is there any way to see the original Devon file path?

Suggestion: If not, is there anyway Devon could report the intended path when a file import fails? For example: “Failed to import to: Files/Important/Read”.

Thanks for any help.

Usually this should happen only if the file couldn’t be ex/imported (e.g. because it’s missing, corrupted or permissions aren’t sufficient). Did this happen while exporting or importing? Is there enough space available on the volume? And has been anything logged to the system console?

Hi, thanks for the reply. The log does not state whether this happened while importing or exporting. The time stamp suggests it was during import (happened after exporting complete), but you’d know better than I if that’s the case.

The disk is not full. Also, I’ve since imported the failed files manually. No problems.

I found this in the system log, with a time stamp that corresponds to the “failed” notice in the DTP log. The same entry appears for each failure.

10/30/10 10:20:49 AM DEVONthink Pro[867] Connection to DevonThinkHelper failed.

Thanks again,

This caused the import to fail as the background task DevonThinkHelper is necessary. Has been anything else logged earlier? Are you able to reproduce this?

Thanks again.

The following appears in the log earlier, multiple times,

10/30/10 8:56:25 AM DevonThinkHelper[2890] CFPropertyListCreateFromXMLData(): Old-style plist parser: missing semicolon in dictionary.

I’ve seen that message, too, and have ignored it since DTPO hasn’t misbehaved.

Christian, any response to my previous post? Need any additional information?

This console message is actually harmless. Does rebuilding work after rebooting?