Rebuilding database and replicants

a short question:
my database isn’t corrupted and i heavily use replicants for files. i’ve noticed that DT3 has one major advance regarding indexed files: unlike DT2, if i move a file from folder A to folder B inside DT3, it reflects immediately in finder too. that’s a way too cool.
in DT2 i have moved a lot of files inside of DT2 because i just forget that the finder doesn’t reflect that changes.
that’s why i want to rebuild my database in DT3, so that i have the same structure of files and folders in DT3 and in finder.
but, would i loose my replicants if i rebuild database?

Rebuilding just rebuilds the internal structures like metadata store and search index but does not change replicants or the location of files. The command Data > Move to external folder should do this. But please note that indexed items replicated to multiple indexed groups are not fully mirrored in the Finder.

thanks for explanation!
yes, i know that replicants aren’t mirrored.

all my files are indexed. the problem is that i just can’t figure did DT3 by first lunch moved the files, that i previously with DT2 moved to another folders, to the right folder. i can’t remember which files i moved to another folders with DT2, so i just can’t check it out (almost 3.000 pdfs i have in database).
perhaps the best way is first to move all folders and files inside DT3 and then to move it again externally. that won’t be a big deal, but would i loose replicants if i do that?

You could use the command Data > Move into database first, this won’t affect replicants.

yes, and after that Data> Move to external folder
all replicants will be saved and i’m good to go
thanks again!