Rebuilding Database does not fix Orphan problem


Rebuilding database does not get rid of verification problem.
“…Found 0 inconsistencies, 0 incorrect checksums, 3 missing and 3 orphaned files…”

See attachment.

How do I fix this problem so I can do a Database Archive?

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Did you rename the Orphaned folder? As a side note, prefixing with a period is not a good habit to be in. In the Finder, this would lead to hidden files. An underscore would be a safer habit to be in.

Your screencap is showing a Tools > Verify & Repair, not a Rebuild Database. They are two separate things. A V&R will not resolve missing files. You need to right-click entries in Window > Log and Reveal or Move to Trash. You would also need to empty the database’s Trash.

An actual Tools > Rebuild Database would enliminate missing files during the export / import / index process.


It worked!

I deleted the trash and deleted the orphaned files did a rebuild; I did try the rebuild earlier but did not delete the orphaned files to trash nor did I empty the trash.


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You’re welcome. :smiley: