.receipt files in iCloud

When I use DaisyDisk to look at mobile documents, I see that there are 107 GB of files in Devonthink. Is this normal for a set of databases that add up to about 7GB?

I’m not worried about iCloud storage limits. I am just trying to see why 100GB of my SSD are taken up with this.


Is this normal for a set of databases that add up to about 7GB?

    1. On what basis do you feel your databases are only 7GB ?
    1. Also, are you indexing data?
  1. Going by the sizes of the .database2 files.
  2. Yes, I index data too.

Something must be wrong with my thinking.

That is, of course, .dtBase2 files.

You cannot gauge this by the size of the .dtBase2 files.

  1. They contain internal metadata about the database, not just files.
  2. In the case of indexed files, the contents aren’t included. You need to look at File > Database Properties to see the size of the contents of the database.

When you synchronize indexed files, they contents are synced by default - and yes, this is by design. The contents of those indexed files are synchronized.

Check out the built-in Help > Documentation > In & Out > Sync > Indexing and Sync section…

Note we don’t have full control of our local directory in iCloud, as iCloud can download items to it as it sees fit. But you can control-click the sync location in DEVONthink’s Preferences > Sync, hold the Option key, and choose Verify Location Thoroughly. This will check the sync data and evict it, if possible.


You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

I had a largish folder of “notes” in iCloud Drive, about 1700 mostly small text files, which I had indexed to DT3.

After the conversation yesterday, I moved those notes into DT3 rather than indexing them.

My DT3 iCloud storage, seen by using DaisyDisk, went from 106 GB to 8 GB. I’m glad to have the space back on my boot SSD.

But even better, my iCloud syncing is now lightning fast after having been sluggish since Catalina. By sluggish, I mean overnight sometimes.

Now the entire DT system is working like I want it to work. I’m a happy guy.

I wonder if indexing an iCloud Drive folder caused some kind of loop that had a hard time ever finishing?

Thanks for clueing me in to where the problem might lie.

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Glad to hear of the good effects!
Hopefully the performance will continue well. iCloud is definitely more than a bit spotty since Catalina. Cheers!