Receipts Mac App and DT3

I came across Receipts Mac App - Collects your documents and I’m thinking of using it to get my financial receipts automagically recognised for tax returns, etc.

Question here is: Anybody using it? And how can it work together with DT3? Are there any scripts, etc to move things between the two apps? Or are Shred/Indexed Folders for the receipts the way to go?

You can apparently try it out for free. I’d try to feed it receipts with discounts (Skonto, Magenta-Rabatt). See how it handles those. Try receipts with comma and Dot as decimal separator. Currency symbol before and after the amount of missing.

Personally, I use DT3 for the same purpose, together with Hazel, PDFpen and some scripts. After some expedition with similar products, I don’t trust their promises of “self-learning”, “automatically” and so on. YMMV, of course.

Thanks @chrillek. Makes sense.