Recent Items in Sorter and Sidebar

The recent hidden preference to increase the number of Recent Items in the group selector is very helpful - thank you.

Would you consider an option to include the Recent Items list in the Sorter and the Sidebar as well?

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Noted but no such plans currently (as it’s the first request of its kind). But in the sidebar a smart group looking for recently modified groups should be sufficient.

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Agreed the Smart Group works well in the sidebar… that would be a good alternate solution to optionally include in the sorter as well.

Related question - could smart groups be listed in the sorter and recent destinations?

I think you will say no because a smart group is not actually a destination with a UUID - but it would be really useful if that were a possibility.

The Sorter is meant to be a lightweight and agile item.
Also, you can’t drag and drop to a smart group, so they have no functionality for imports.
And there are plenty of other ways to jump to a DEVONthink item, including smart groups, unsing their item links.

Fair enough

Perhaps the workflow I am using is somewhat uncommon

The issue I am trying to solve is that very often I get a call and look something up about a client’s case (stored in a Group). Then the client sends a file related to the case and I want to quickly add the file to that group.

What I use all the time is the “Add to Devonthink 3” Service which I access by right-clicking a file or folder in the Finder. That “Add to Devonthink 3” Service lists all my “Recent” destinations so it is very convenient to add items from there.

While I can use an Item-link to a Smart Group, it is not quite as quick/easy to add a new file or subgroup there.

The more I think about it - maybe this is something I ought to just script myself given how often I do this.

Question - if I access a Smart Group with a script, do the records show up as children just like any other Group? If so then indeed I can write something custom to do exactly what works for this use.

Accessing the smart group via an item link is going to open it in DEVONthink showing the matched files just as if you clicked on it in our application.


Perhaps the workflow I am using is somewhat uncommon

This is definitely something people should consider. I do plenty of things specific to how I think and organize. We all have our own inertia to deal with :wink:

Yes but typically I am not trying to open the app at all in this situation. Or rather, the app is always open but I am not using it for this action. Rather, I am seeking the quickest way to take a folder of files in Finder and add it to a specific Group which I viewed earlier in the day.

Anyway this has helped me to think through it. Again it may be a small but really frequently nuanced case of my particular workflow in receiving and sorting files. Thus perfect for a custom script rather than adding more to the app. I will do that.

I am seeking the quickest way to take a folder of files in Finder and add it to a specific Group which I viewed earlier in the day.

In one database or multiple?

One database represents 80% of the situations

Another represents 20%

Best would be a solution which works for any open database. But if there is an easier solution that I can implement on a per-database basis (choosing which script or service to run) that would be OK too

Thinking about this a bit more @BLUEFROG - Is there any way I can add an item the “Recent Destinations” list via a script? If so that would be an ideal solution to what I am trying to accomplish; I could then add a new group to that list as soon as it is created.

If I add a file to a Group that does not appear to add it to “Recent Destinations” unless the file is added via the “Add to Devonthink 3” context menu service. I do not see any Method in the scripting dictionary to add a group to Recent Destinations by script. Am I missing some other way to do it?

This isn’t scriptable.

OK thanks

I have a partial solution using Trickster’s integration with DT3. The only thing stopping it from being a complete solution is that this integration only detects document activity in DT3; even if I configure its Smart Rule to include Groups, Trixster does not show them. So I am awaiting a response from their Support re: whether there is some workaround or solution to that issue.

Groups don’t exist in the filesystem, so there’s nothing for Trickster to detect.

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That does seem true officially.

But I was able to cheat a bit and got it working well. Perhaps it will be of help to others.

DT3 is a great app - you can even make it do stuff it was never intended to do.

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Note cheats can be fragile and also subject to being broken by changes in the application. Caveat emptor

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Agreed - I wouldn’t use it for anything mission critical. For now this helps make my workflow more efficient. If it stops working eventually it won’t be a big deal.

hello, would you have the patience to explain what you are referring to ? thank you

It’s a future feature discussed here recently

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thank you !