"Recently Added" Smart List on DTG

Desktop app comes with Recently Added smart list by default, and I use it quite often. Oddly, there is no such thing on iOS app.

Hope you add this basic but important feature.

There already is (and has long been) a Recently Modified global smart group that serves the same function.

Yeah I know that, but they are not the same. I want to see only recently added files, not along with recently modified files, because most of times I have dozens of modified files too.

I just want to add my vote for this same feature. It would be the number one enhancement that would make my life better :slight_smile:

I add and update documents all of the time but so often when I go into DTTG, I really want to get a quick look at recently added items.

Many thanks,


Until a filter is added (if ever), does not sorting by Date Added do that for you?

It’s not a filter I’m looking for but rather a smart group for things recently added. The recently modified smart group doesn’t give me a sorting option… Or am I missing something?

Thanks / Jonathan

There is no sorting in the Recently Modified / Viewed smart groups at this time, only filtering.