Recommendations for External Hard Drive

I am not sure if this question is allowed here, but since I don’t quite trust Amazon reviews, I thought I would ask here for a reliable external hard drive.

I am currently using Samsung 500GB to keep my DT3 databases and various video backups. The drive is running out of space, so I need to transfer everything to a larger (I am thinking 2TB) external hard drive.

Any recommendations?

Samsung SSDs are good. However, with any SSD when they fail, it’s quite out of the blue. With older platter drives, the internal mechanisms often make some sort of noise that can alert you.

I will say this: I would stay away from Seagate drives nowadays. They lost their way somehow over the past 10 years and I wouldn’t use them for anything critical now. Western Digital, who was long the second choice, makes excellent internal and external drives.

I would avoid the MyCloud products. A WD Passport drive is a good choice IMHO and experience.


No recommendation for external hard drive
Any drive can fail, so I do recommend backup of your data; I use Arq Premium


And networks can go down :wink:

But I will add, that yes you should make sure you’re adding the external drive to your primary backup strategy.


I use the internal Mac SSD, with Carbon Copy Cloner backups to a hard drive in an OWC ThunderBay, backups to the cloud (Backblaze); backups to a Synology NAS (which serves my iPhone, iPad), and occasionally archivals to M-Disk (really). Been 18 years, with just very minor losses (knock on wood, weblocs and webarchives seem a little more fragile than other types)


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These are not all the drives I own. :flushed: Trust me :stuck_out_tongue:

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In the old days I would also place hard drives in fire-proof enclosures, but hey, I’m over it nowadays ha ha


Much neater than mine!

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Jim, I don’t see your SCSI, ZIP or Bernoulli drives.

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I gave most of those up about ten years ago. However, I still had some Firewire 800 drives as recently as two years ago :open_mouth:

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Yeah, I should donate mine. It becomes a dangerous obsession to keep them - I’ve recently been looking for older (waaaay older) SCSI towers to play with these, my wife put an end to it - very rightly so. She’s the practical one.

Smart woman. I get it but it makes downsizing much harder.

On the other hand 29 stringed instruments make it harder to downsize too
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Backblaze regularly publishes data on hard disk performance and reliability. Given that they have a lot (A LOT) of disks, that might provide some hints.