Recommened sync option

Dear all
I’m new to DevonThink and currently in trail mode for DTOP. All my Evernote notes have been imported and so far I really love the product.

It’s important to me that my data can be accessed on my iPad and iPhone so have just bought DTTG. My question is which sync option do you recommend when having data security and reliability in mind?

I’m of course reading the manual and this makes me a bit nervous:
“We highly discourage simply moving a DEVONthink database to e.g. a cloud drive (like Dropbox,
iCloud Drive, or OneDrive) and trust the cloud drive provider’s app to do the right thing. Databases are complex packages and not made for concurrent access or simple file syncs. The build-in synchronization uses a container format built for synchronizing over a variety of channels including direct connections, local volumes, or internet-based file services.”

So what do you suggest?

Thanks for your time and input - sorry if this already have been addressed earlier in the forum.

Remember that a database is not the same as a sync store located in a cloud service (e.g., Dropbox). The warning you cited is cautioning you not to put databases in the cloud. Sync stores, on the other hand, were designed to be used in clouds. Cloud based sync is reliable. Is it secure? Nothing on the public internet is secure from theft, IMO.

The “best” method, then, for data you cannot risk being compromised is sync with your iOS devices using Bonjour over WiFi.

korm is correct. If you want YOUR data to stay in YOUR hands, no cloud provider can 100% guarantee your data is safe. A Bonjour Sync between Mac and mobile devices is the most secure route.

Does this mean you can’t Sync between the Mac at home and mobile devices when you’re out and about? Yes. But (1) ask yourself if you REALLY need constant Syncing between them (and truly, most people don’t), and (2) this is maintaining security by keeping your DEVONthink data off-the-grid.

Dear Korm & Bluefrog

Many thanks for your update. This constant sync between devices has previously been important to me but lately I get more focus on data security. In order to get better application quality and data security I can live without this constant sync.

Bare with me if I use some wrong terms here. Currently my Mac holds the master database while iPhone and iPad syncs from it. Have I missed a smart feature as if I create a nice note on iPad then I need to open Mac in order to get it visible on iPhone?
Detailed flow:

  • both the iPad and Mac needs to be running at the same time in order to do the sync (from iPad -> Mac)?
  • And finally Mac and iPhone needs to be running so complete sync to iPhone

Not because that itself is a problem, I just see so many situations to get out of sync and inconsistent data?

If you are working on devices that only Sync only your local network (due to security concerns), yes they will be temporarily “out of Sync”. However, this will be resolved once the devices are on the same network.

Nope. Changes made on the Mac will propagate either to the device (via a Bonjour connection) or to a Sync location (likely a WebDAV server, in your case) if they’re available to Sync with.

And yes, if you are not using an Internet based Sync (Dropbox, etc, or your own WebDAV server accessed remotely), you will need the devices to be On, on the same network, and running DEVONthink and DEVONthink To Go 2.

Hi Bluefrog!

Many thanks for your insights and options available.
I have set up local sync between the devices and will see how stable it is. I see some users are moving to WebDAV so will later look into that option - now my main focus is to get program on Mac up running, sync to other devices working.

Thanks again.

My pleasure. :smiley: