Record expiry date for document

DevonThink Pro is a great personal content management system. As rich as it is there is one thing missing for me.

As I work on documents I need to set a revisit/expire date for documents so I can systematically revisit them.

For example, if I am creating some content which I know will become outdated at some point, I’d like to be able to set the expiry date for a designated time in the future. That way I can review ‘expired’ documents in the future and either a) update them or b) delete them.

This process is critical for ensuring the quality of the document store in DevonThink.

I am sure there is some ‘magic’ that could be done with comments and AppleScript but I really want a field in the metadata of the file so I will be consistent in the use of the expiry information. Without the system providing rigour I really can come adrift.

Thank you DevonFolks, firstly for creating such a great set of products and also for actively listening and acting on customer questions.

This would be very helpful for setting up a GTD system. Some competitors have this kind of metadata currently.

Thanks for the suggestion and the feedback, this will definitely come (although I can’t promise it for the near future).