Record name different than filename

Is it possible to assign to a record a name different than the relative file name? I want my file to have the creation date in their name, but I’d like it omitted in the DT items list.

For example:

File = “20210401 My document.pdf”

Record = “My document”


Exception: If you’ve indexed your records and the content doesn’t change you can

  • lock them in Finder
  • assign a different name in DEVONthink.

I’m using this to give indexed documentations meaningful names, e.g. the HTML <title> tag.

I have a suggestions that’s not getting you exactly what you want but might be something to ponder:

Don’t put the date into the file name but into a custom metadata field like “Zettelkasten ID” (I guess this is where the notation comes from). Then the date is a) preserved and b) you could show it in the item list and use it to sort or you could just not show it. And c) you could use the actual title of the file for WikiLinks (which in my opionion is the pro of this method).

The caveat of course concerns exchanging these files with other apps because now the date is kept in DEVONthink and not in the file names or the Finder accessible metadata.

When the files come from other apps you could set up a script that on import cuts out the date part of the file name and inserts it into the custom metadata field (and trims the space dividing the date and the file name). That’s easy to do and very comfortable.

When you want to export these files another script could easily reverse the import script, i. e. it adds the date and a dividing space to the beginning of the file name. But that would rule out simple dragging & dropping the files as it would not trigger the script. Then the whole exporting process must be scripted. You could set a keyboard shortcut to trigger it though.

If that’s a reasonable way to handle files is of course all up to you and your workflow.

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If the file is a PDF, you could set a Title in the Document > Properties inspector.

See here how the name and the Title are different.