Recover a Deleted database

Hi I accidentally deleted a whole database. It’s in my trash folder. I tried reinstalling it in the database folder but it’s not working. I tried saving it on the desktop and chosing the “relocate” function but it’s not working either. Please help, I have lost an important file!

What happens if you drag it from the Trash and drop it back into its original location?

Edit: Do you have Time Machine or other backups of it?


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I solved the problem because I found the file elsewhere.
But when I tried to drag it out it did “restore” the database but…it was empty!
I don’t have a backup…I got serious with Devonthink a week ago, I’ll create one now. Thanks for answering so quickly!

Whew! In any event, there is a section in the outstanding “DEVONthink Handbook” on backup. Take a look and take heed!

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