Recurrent Error NSCocoaErrorDoman 512 on Sync

I’ve noticed that every time my database syncs, I get a whole series of NSCocoaErrorDoman 512 errors in the log (see screenshot). It doesn’t seem to be affecting the sync at all, but it does create a lot of log entries. Any ideas?

Put a bit of sticky tape over it.

Whilst I won’t be able to help you (due to lack of knowledge, that is), it may be helpful to whomever does for you to elaborate on your setup - how are you syncing to where?

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Fair enough.

The share store is saved on a network volume. Connecting from the MBP via SMB to an EXT 4 volume on a server running Ubuntu 20.04.

I should add that I do not get those errors on the other device syncing to the same sync store.

Please choose Help > Report Bug while pressing the Alt modifier key to start a support ticket.

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Done. Thanks.