Reduced price DevonAgent.

Short version of Question:

How do I get a reduced price on DevonAgent?

Long version of Question.

I am thinking about buying DevonAgent. I see there is a bundle offer in place right now, but since I just bought the DevonThink Pro Office (I bought it in November while it was still in beta. ) I don’t need to buy it again. So how much can i get DevonAgent for outside of the bundle. And how do I do that.

A bundle discount can be offered, e.g. the DT Pro Office/DEVONagent bundle, in large part because the transaction cost of the single purchase to DEVONtechnologies is less than the transaction costs of the two applications when registration is purchased separately. DEVONtechnologies doesn’t own or operate the online store that handles sale of registrations.

Is this a longwinded way of saying ‘No. You have to pay full price?’

Well, yes. But so you would understand why. :slight_smile: