Reference search does not work properly

I have many times that agent did not show any result after few searches on google scholar or other reference searching engine.
I need some help with this issue.

I think it might be helpful to provide more details: what were you searching for? With which settings? Using which plugins?

Please post a screen capture of the search you’re trying and make sure the Log tab is selected.

I was searching for some research papers by using google scholar which is in the “reference” plugins. I didnt touch many of settings, because I am not sure about that.

I searched by the google scholar plugins like three to four times and this happens

this is the previous search, it looks fine.

Were you running searches very quickly ?
It’s possible Google has temporarily throttled you. Try again in an hour or so.

It also happens on other references plugins, is it the same as throttling?
I find papers frequently, so mostly i run searches quickly

Which other plugins are you referring to?

British library and JSTOR

There are no results for your search in the British Library…

Also, the JSTOR search isn’t returning results on your search and the plugin now uses JavaScript to run the search. A search like this is more difficult to get results from.

Also, bear in mind DEVONagent can sometimes cause Captchas to be initiated.

oh, now i see it, many thanks

You’re welcome :slight_smile: