Refresh INBOX folder

Hello, can you help me please?

I have some script for automatic operation with files (smart rule).

If I want to process the script so I copy files still to the same folder.

This folder is indexed in Inbox.

But I see always the old files, if I want to process new files I have to remove the folder from inbox and index it again.

Is it possible to only “refresh” new files in folder (because I use still the same folder for this).

Where is the indexed folder in the Finder?

It is folder on the desktop

What is your smart rule doing?

Ocr pdf file.

For me will be great only start smart rule (ocr) of all files in the folder without first remove folder from inbox and index folder again

Please post a screen capture of the smart rule.

You’re not moving any files out of the indexed folder in the smart rule.
If you want to clean out the indexed folder in the Finder, add a Move into Database beofre the script runs. Then add a Move action to move it to another location.