Refreshing CSS for markdown documents

I have been using a custom CSS to render my Markdown documents, however, when I have modified the CSS the changes do not show up in the rendered Markdown. Emptying the cache does not seem to make any difference. Does anyone know if it is possible to refresh the CSS? So far I have been changing the name of the CSS (and the link href in the Markdown document) each time I make a change.

Webkit caches info so the appearance sometimes “gets stuck”. I write Markdown in DEVONthink every day and have a very custom setup so I see this occasionally. Right-click the file and convert it to HTML. You should see stylesheet changes, assuming they’re valid changes. Returning to the Markdown usually renders the changes too.

Thanks Bluefrog but that trick doesn’t work for me. The CSS is still unrefreshed. Can only see the changes with modifying the CSS name

Relaunch DEVONthink. If it recurs, see if the trick works then.

PS: My work is ever-evolving so I change my stylesheet almost daily.

Yes the old “turn it off and turn it on again” trick worked again! :laughing:

Cool. Seriously try that trick again, if it recurs. Cheers!