Refreshing the menu in "New from Template"

Hi guys,

Just a quickie - if you double-click on a .dtTemplate file in Finder DT gives you the option of “Import” or “Install”. I clicked “Install” on a file a couple of times mucking around and now I have three items in my “Data/New From Template” menu that are redundant. How do I remove or uninstall the menu references?

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Just remove them from the folder ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink Pro 2/Templates.noindex. V2.0.3 will also include commands to open this folder in the Finder and to update the templates menu.

Thanks cgrunenberg,
What I’d found was that I had a sym link pointing to a dropbox folder, but for some reason the sym link wasn’t acting as I wanted it to, and there was another Devonthink Pro folder in my ~/Library/Applications Support folder. One problem fixed, another one to solve LOL.