Refund or solution, have emailed support and Apple support

On June 29th, I submitted a support request to regarding the DevonThink To Go product from the iTunes App Store. It is now three days later and I have received no response; not even an acknowledgement that the email was received. I also reported the same defect through the iTunes App Store and received at least an automated reply.

DevonThink To Go does not function as intended, if at all, on my iPad and MacBook Pro.

I would like a solution or a refund. I am posting my original email to the forum in the hopes that a Devon Technologies employee will respond with either a solution or a refund, or that the community can provide me with a solution that proves this product, in fact, works.

As an interim solution I am using DropBox and Nebulous Notes; DropBox for reading PDF and other files from DevonThink Pro, and Nebulous Notes for data entry. This is a manual kludge process, but for a $0.99 app, I’m already doing more than with the $14.99 DevonThink To Go.

Original email from June 29th, 2011 enclosed.

Updated: The Apple Store may give you a refund on DevonThink To Go if you report a problem and then select “Not Compatible with my Device”.

While this is NOT the solution that I had hoped for - I’d wanted DevonThink To Go to actually work as advertised - it’s better than having paid the high cost for a non-working app.

I’m not sure why, but I haven’t seen your support request in our support system. But I will do my best to address the issue here.

This is one of the trickier problems we’ve seen. I may have you try a debug version of the sync plugin, but we’ll try a few preliminary questions here first.

  1. What kind of router do you have?
  2. Is your MacBook Pro always connected via wireless, or do you sometimes plug it into the router with an Ethernet cable?