Regex script do not rename file


I’m trying to batch rename some articles. Many starts with the publication year, and I’d like to include the work Artigo as a prefix, and use underscores to separate the prefix and the year.

I’ve never used Regex before, so I practiced in python using a jupyter notebook. After a few tweaks, the code worked fine:

oldtitle = “2003 Five Tenets of Security-Aware Logistics and SC operation”
newtitle=re.sub("(^\d{4})\s",r"Artigo_\1_", oldtitle)

The resulting title is Artigo_2003_Five Tenets of Security-Aware Logistics and SC operation.

However, when I try to do the same using the Regex script from DVT 3, nothing happens. Did someone have the same issue?

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What did you enter as the source pattern?

Also, you said…

Many starts with the publication year

So you’re not processing files without a year at the beginning?

Hi, Bluefrog.

I tried the Regex in files that start with the year.

I tried the Regex

But what did you enter?

I tried the simplest form:

1st dialog box (search): ^\d{4})\s
2nd Dialog box (replace for): Artigo

Note: There are several flavors of Regex in the world.

This works…

With & representing the matched value here.


Thanks a lot!

If I may ask you for a little more help, I’d like to remove the space after the last underscore.

I tried ^([0-9]{4})[ ] in Devonthink, to select the year + the space, but only save the year for later use. It didn’t work. The space stays there.

Do you have any suggestion?


Use capturing groups and backreferences then…