Relative dates for transclusions

I want to try making a dynamic weekly note (in markdown) to summarize recent daily notes using transclusions with relative dates. All of my daily notes are named as dates in ISO. Is this possible? If so, could someone help me with syntax for defining relative dates? This is sort of what I have in mind





No this is not supported and it’s the first request of its kind.
I had early on suggested supporting a wildcard transclusion, e.g., {{today-*}}. Something similar is found in the MultiMarkdown spec…

Wildcard Extensions

Sometimes you may wish to transclude alternate versions of a file depending on your output format. Simply use the extension “.*” to have MMD choose the proper version of the file (e.g. foo.tex, foo.fodt, foo.html, etc.)

Insert a different version of a file here based on export format:

From: File Transclusion

However, you are asking for a much more sophisticated mechanism than a URL supports.