relative image path in markdown

Is there a way to specify a relative image path in Markdown?

Something like this:


would work if there’s an images group at the same level as the markdown file and the jpg is within.

This seems like the only way to generate a notebook of markdown files that will work both within and outside of Devonthink (e.g. via an export or indexed files).

Any thoughts?

The “path” to a group/subgroup/document in DEVONthink means nothing to the world outside of DEVONthink. Group hierarchies in your database only exist when you are viewing your database.

If you need your images accessible within and outside of DEVONthink, then you’ll be better off locating them in a file system hierarchy and indexing them in DEVONthink. Use URL-encoded file:// paths to avoid situations where the client app doesn’t recognize spaces (or other special characters) in the fully-qualified path name.

External/indexed documents are already supported, internal/imported documents will be supported by the next maintenance release.

Awesome. Looking forward to it.