Relaunch without opening old windows

I love how DA will open all windows from a previous session. However, I’ve run into a situation in which this feature is working against me.

There is a web page that refuses to load–the application is completely unresponsive as it tries to open the page. Since it won’t time out, I have to force quit DA. How do I relaunch DA so that it will not attempt to open any of those windows?


You should be able to close that browser window immediately after launching DEVONagent. Then you will have to open a new browser window and reestablish your tabs. Better yet, is it possible to click on the URL icon in the troublesome tab or window and delete it?

Of course, if all else fails, open Preferences > General - Startup and temporarily disable the option to open windows that were last open at quit. Then quit, relaunch and reestablish your preferred browser windows/tabs, except for the one that caused problems.

I had four or five windows each with two to four tabs. It took quite a long time to figure out that it was pointless to try to close that one troublesome tab; I eventually just held command-w down until all the windows closed and I could start over again.

There are some programs that, if launched with certain keys held down, will start up in a troubleshooting mode. PowerMail comes to mind: holding down command-option brings up a window to check out the database if you’re having problems.
I’m wondering if something similar might be helpful for DA. For instance, hold down shift to launch the program into a temporary default state. Just a thought–not sure how useful that might be. This is the first time something like this has happened to me.