Release Notes older DT versions?


Looks like I’m using an older version of DT Pro. (2.5.x)
So I wanted to figure out what changed since this release: NO LUCK!

How can I find out what the changed are for each release? Need that to find out if these changes are worth an upgrade $ or not.


  • what changed in DT 2.7.3
  • what changed in DT 2.7.4
  • what changed in DT 2.7.5
  • what changed in DT 2.7.6
  • what changed in DT 2.7.7 (latest version, info on DT website)

Thank you!

Why do you think there is an upgrade fee?

Anyway, if you install 2.7.7 the release notes for the release you asked about are in the help file. Or Google can tell you where at you can locate the notes.

Apologies for the delay. I should have written it differently. $ = internal upgrading costs (testing, backup, etc).

As korm indicates, the document pdfs detail the version differences: