Remember position of last preview


i use the view ‘as Three Panels’. What bugs me is that devonthink doesn’t seem to remember the last (reading) position of any of my files. so when i search and 4 files show up, i can’t just jump between them because every time i have to scroll down again.


thanks for the feedback! A future release will remember this, in the meantime just open the results in tabs (e.g. via Data > Open in Tabs)

christian, well, except that DT can’t handle it all that well. opening more than 25 files in tabs at once gives DT a heart attack on my current macpro

What kind of files did you open?

attached a screenshot
Screen shot 2010-03-23 at 11.05.28 AM.png

Opening lots of PDF documents and finding all occurrences in them might indeed be not that fast. But images, plain/rich text documents or web stuff (bookmarks, web archives, HTML pages) shouldn’t cause huge delays.

it still does not seem to work?