Remembering page viewer setting


I have many long PDF documents and text documents in Devonthink and I often write while consulting parts of these documents. But the thing is that when I switch between documents, all of the configurations (magnification/zoom factor, current page, etc.) are lost. Is there a way to make DTP to remember these things? (preferrably with a separate means to reset them to default)?

Also, I prefer to read everything after magnifying a few times, as my laptop screen is so tiny and I rather look at the screen from a bit far away. It would be nice to know how I can set default zoom factor.


I still have this problem and even more so after importing lots of paper using ScanSnap… Can someone help on this matter?



Try setting View > Zoom to Width.

Then click on the green Zoom button. Now you should be able to read the text from 10 feet away. :slight_smile:

But then how I can make DTPO to remember my preferred viewer window size? I don’t want to resize window each time I open and close it when going through many documents to find the right one.


Here’s a scenario that may be useful. Doesn’t solve all your issues, but may help.

I have a MacBook Pro with a 15 inch screen (and a 13 inch ModBook screen on order). Those are small screens, but I like to be able to read text comfortably.

Suppose I do a search and there are a number of PDF results that I may wish to inspect.

I select Tools > Search and ajdust the Search window to full screen. A search is performed and among the results there are PDFs.

When I select a PDF it will be displayed in the right pane of the Search window. My normal view of PDFs is set for View > Zoom to Width. If necessary, I’ll adjust to that setting.

You mentioned another frustration, losing your place in a document when switching to another document. That could happen when you select another document from the searh results, or if (from a document window) you invoke See Also or See Selected Text.

Here’s a kludge to avoid losing your place: double-click on the Name of that interesting PDF in the Search window. That provides a second view of the document. Perform operations such as See Also or See Selected Text in that second view.

Note: make the text still larger in the Search window by clicking on the line separating the text pane and the results list, dragging to the left.

However, the window that appears as a result of double clicking doesn’t remember its window position and size. It always appear at the same place in same size, and doesn’t remember changes to these windows. Can you fix these problems in the next version?