Reminder function in DTTG

Please add REMINDERS to DTTG. Currently if I have an item that I need to get a reminder, I have to set the reminder up in a different app.

It’s on our (long) list of potential features.

As a workaround, you could create a shortcut and include the UUID to link back to the document, might your other app support Shortcuts.

I’ll use the iOS Reminders app as an example.

  1. Create a new shortcut and enable visibility in the share sheet
  2. Have it set to continu in Shortcuts (this enhances the reliability of the shortcut)
  3. Fetch the document UUID with an x-callback as described here
  4. Fetch the document title with the ‘Get item’ DT task in Shortcuts
  5. Add the document title to a variable
  6. Add a new reminder with the variable as the title and add the UUID link to the notes field

It might be me, but it appears the URL field has been removed in Reminders for some reason. You can add the link back to the DT item in the notes field, but it appears the link is not clickable (for reasons I don’t understand).