Remote Databases disappeared since updating to 3.9.5

I updated DT to 3.9.5 yesterday. Since then the six remote databases which I sync using Coudkit have disappeared. Verifying the Sync location thoroughly did not help. Anything I can do?

Are any Remote databases listed after closing all databases?

You can see most them in italic font under the “Used Databases” and in the “Favorites”. Is that what you mean?

No, the Remote section in Preferences > Sync. Does it show anything after selecting the sync location while no databases are opened?

No, its empty

A screenshot would be great, maybe it’s a display glitch (e.g. that the Remote section is collapsed although it shouldn’t be).

I hope this helps

Was the spinning progress indicator in the upper right corner visible all the time? Anything logged to Window > Log?

The spinning indicator is a coincidence I think, I don’t see it now. The Log is empty

Just tried this successfully over here, all remote databases are listed. Does it work again after rebooting the computer?

What operating system are you running?

No, but I’ve got a new error message in the log: “No internet connection (CKErrorDomain 3)”. But my Mac ist connected to the internet, otherwise I couldn’t write this :wink: Its MacOS 14.3.1 Sonoma.

Hold the Option key and choose Help > Report bug to start a support ticket.

The error is related to CloudKit. It might well indicate that the framework can’t connect to the server. No ta general internet connection problem, obviously.

Thanks, I did.

After finding that CloudKit sync kept failing me (lots of errors, and more recently just failing to keep my databases in sync) and reading on these forums of the issues that many others have had with CloudKit, I today switched to Dropbox as my sync location. Changeover was swift and easy, my databases are back in full sync, and no errors have been reported.

It’s early days with Dropbox, but CloudKit has been so problematic that I’d be reluctant to go back.


I’ve got more space available on iCloud than on Dropbox, that’s why I prefer iCloud Sync. But I will switch to Dropbox and try that.

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