Remove all url's

I have a database that contains a number of rtfd documents that where created using dtpro with safari, i.e “create rich text”. However each dokument contains a url link to the page from where it was created as well as the document containing links to external pages. I would like all these url’s removed and replaced by a url of my choice or if thats not possible at least removed.

I could do this manually but that would be a tedious task since I have quite a few documents in the database.

Does anyone know of a way where I could do this automagically via automator or applescript or some other neat way?


A simple script should do this - first however, some questions:

Do you mean the URL (sometimes called the document URL) that’s displayed above the document preview (same URL that’s shown/editable in Tools > Show Info)?

What are the other of “all these url’s” - do you mean links/URLs in the text of the RTF?

Do you want to change the document URL for a selection of more than one document at a time? Or just for one document at a time?

I assume that simply removing (not replacing) all URLs is an option?

Yes I mean that url

The others are links in the text.

I want to do it for a selection of more than one document.

yes it is, however i would prefer it if the removed links had a different text color just so that they loom like links but without being one