Remove from Favorites doesn’t work

When I try to remove the one item from Favorites on either my phone or iPad, it claims to work but doesn’t actually remove it from Favorites. I have a video showing this but can’t figure out how to upload or link to it.

What kind of item is this actually, is it still available in your databases or could it be an orphaned favorite?

And did you, maybe, favor it in the Files app? A screenshot might be helpful.

It has been a bug in Files App since its first release. It happens if you delete the folder where the favorite is set. The only solution that does not always work is to recreate the folder or the file, then remove it from favorites and then delete the file/folder. However, it will depend on if it has been created in a folder with different UUID (like, for example, you reinstalled Dropbox and the favorite was inside Dropbox).

However, the non-valid favorite use to remove itself, perhaps after an iOS update. I remember had one non-removable favorite folder from my old Dropbox and one day it wasn’t there anymore.

It’s a folder that’s been favorited.

It is not a favorite in the Files app.

In DEVONthink To Go, select ? > Help > Appendix> Utility Auto Commands. Tap Execute for fix-favorites.

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@BLUEFROG Thank you!

You’re welcome :slight_smile: