Remove / ignore some files in indexed folder

I have indexed a folder of files to DEVONthink. However, there are some files in this same folder that are created/updated by another application. Binary metadata, etc. I don’t want these files to get imported to DEVONthink because they’re useless there, and they may also break things when syncing between Macs. Is there any way to ignore/remove these files from DEVONthink but keep them in indexed folder? If I move them to trash, then they won’t show up in DEVONthink group, but when I empty trash, DEVONthink asks if I want to delete the indexed files too. If I say I want to delete only files on database, then these files go back to DEVONthink database.

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No, you cannot exclude files from an indexed location.

I just happened to come across a similar issue. I assume it’s still not possible to exclude certain file types? I couldn’t find anything in the manual about excluding files so …

No and there are no such plans currently.

OK (just some extra text so that discourse is happy)