Remove Read-Only Status of PDFs

After copying a bunch of PDFs from a home-located master-copy “read-only” Shared database to another new one (for the purpose of editing on the go without making changes to the “master”-copy of the database) I can make changings to any PDF (highlighting text, annotations, deleting files) but those changings would not be saved after closing the document and the PDFs have lost all changings when I reopen them.
Is there a way to remove that “read-only” status of the files, which they obviously inherited from the read-only status of the original database, that is set ot “Shared/read only”
Thanks for any suggestions.

(Well - I know, might be the workaround by just going to the original database and remove the “read-only” setting from that database before copying files to a new database, but there might be situations, where the original database doesn’t exists anymore …)

The Read Only status you are referring to doesn’t mean what you think it does. It controls whether someone can modify a database using WebSharing (see Preferences > Server). It does not apply a “read only” state to any files.

Where have you copied to files to?

That specific “master” DTPO database is on a 15"MBP /w Sierra with FileVault2-encryption.
It holds scanned searchable PDFs to be used as a reference at work.
I use to make a copy from that database (prefs: searchable/read-only) onto an external SSD (with CCC) and also copy runs in DTPO on my primary Office-Mac to be shared via Bonjour/browser to a few other Macs. (BTW that’s a great feature!).
There’s an inbox on the master database. Occasionally I like to review/edit PDFs from the inbox a the office. Since I don’t want to make changes to the master-database and don’t fuss with any synchronization method, I just created a new “postbox” database for copying all files from the inbox of the master-database to that new “postbox” database, which only has a unread/read folder.
That new “postbox” database gets a regular backup to the external SSD too.
At home I empty my master-database’s inbox and move all the reviewed files from my “postbox” database to the master-database.
Does sound a bit awkward but I prefer to carry just the small SSD instead of my 15"MBP and nevertheless do have a (two-click CCC-) copy of my master-database as a read-only database at hands, when in the office.

When I tried to edit those PDFs with Viewer, I also get an error message, saying, I do not have the appropriate rights to make changes to the file, so it’s obviously a problem not related to DTPO :confused:

A you’re right. I can’t save changes in Viewer too. Error box tells me about missing rights.
It’s kind of tricky since both my Mac at home and at Office share the same username and both users obviously are set to “read&write” in the file’s preference menue … :confused: