Remove Script Menu

Is there a way to remove the script menu after installation of DTP?


If you are referring to the menu in the top right corner, yes you can remove it. Go to Applications > AppleScript > AppleScript Utility and start that application. Then uncheck “Show script menu in menu bar”.
This will always be enabled again if you confirm the installation of scripts in the “Script Menu Extra” area in our “Install Add-Ons” panel that will come up with the startup of a new version, or through our Help > Install Add-Ons… menu.

It’s possible, but why would you want to do that? You can do that following Annard’s instructions, above.

Note that when DEVONthink Pro is frontmost there are two scripts menus in the menu bar. The rightmost one is the global scripts menu and the leftmost one is DT Pro’s scripts menu. DT Pro’s scripts are stored in the folder named DEVONthink Pro at ~/Library/Application Support/. That folder can be deleted, and can be reinstalled using Help > Install Add-ons. There are instances in which I may invoke a script from either scripts menu.

You may find that some of DT Pro’s scripts are very useful. I use Backup Archive to make database archives that can be stored on an external medium, such as an external drive or DVD. It automatically runs Verify & Repair and Backup & Optimize. Highly recommended when you take a break after a session during which you’ve added or edited a lot of content. I prefer not waiting for a scheduled backup; when I return from break, I know the database backups are current and it is in good shape.

There are convenient smart group scripts, date scripts, and calculation routines for Sheets. Want to set up a smart group that displays replicates of all the content you’ve created or modified during the last week? There are times when I find that very useful. Smart groups can be added and deleted without affecting the other groups and documents in your database, and without adding a significant memory overhead to your database.