Remove tagged items from local inbox


after working a long time with deep group structures, I feel some pain with filing. So I try to move to a tag based system.

My workflow (in split view): Import everything to the current local inbox. After that I tag every item. But now I am left with lots of items in the inbox which is growing and growing. I like to have all tagged items only appear in their tag groups so I can achieve ‘inbox zero’. How can I remove every tagged item from the inbox without deleting the item itself?

Tag view behaves in a similar way, but simply hides already tagged items. So the inbox is still growing.

Is there a way?

Thanks, Helge

Create a group, turn off tagging for that group, and move everything from the Inbox to this new group after it has been tagged.

it sounds as though you leave everything in the inbox so it should come as no surprise that it keeps growing.

The only thing you need to do is to move the items one you have tagged them out of the inbox. You do that by either just dragging them to the empty space below the inbox or by creating a group, any group really and moving everything in there.


Thanks for your answers Greg and Prion.

Both solutions imply moving the tagged inbox items to another group or to the database root level. So all items exist in that one group (i.e. called “tagged items”) a n d in the tag groups. My goal is to have them only in the tag groups. Usually you can achieve that by first adding tags to an item and then removing the folder tag (grey tag) so that only blue tags (user tags) remain. Unfortunately the inbox itself doesn’t add itself as an grey tag to the item’s tags.

I found a workaround. I import everything into one group called “untagged” - not the inbox. Then I add tags and at last remove the grey tag of my “untagged”-group. It feels that there should be a more natural way to achieve that, but I haven’t found it yet…

Greg and Prion, do you have any suggestions?

When you remove the gray tag of the ‘untagged’ group, the document is moved to the root level of the database, so you still get what Prion suggested as one option. I don’t believe there is a way to have a document appear only in a tag of the database. If it were possible, it would make for a potentially dangerous situation. If you were to accidently remove the tags from the documents, then they would vanish from the database.

If I can ask, why are you opposed to having the documents also present in a group folder?

Greg, thanks for answering again. If you have applied a blue tag before you remove the grey tag, the item will stay in den tag group. If you then remove the blue tag, too, the item gets moved to the root level. So there is no fear to loose a document.

So, except for the the indirection with the “untagged”-group, I am quite happy.