Remove yellow and black stripe on DT 2 Beta

I have been using the DT 2 Beta for months now - and the yellow and black stripe at the top is really annoying and ugly (and totally unnecessary). Is there a way to get rid of this stripe in the beta?

The stripe indicates that you are using a beta of the program. It will not be in the final release version.

The ‘construction site’ stripe is a reminder that this is a public beta release with a documented expiration date – in the case of public beta 7, this release will expire 31 December, 2009 even if it has been registered.

The stripe will disappear in the final release.

As to appearance, some share your opinion, others like the stripe and request that it be retained after the final release (but that won’t happen).

Which reminds me… will the next release be another beta, or can we expect the final version soon?


You can expect some new features (and polishing of previous features) in public beta 8.