Very cool indeed-thanks for posting this. I’ve not had a chance to debug this yet (I’ll have to look at it later) but the (File) link in the annotation does not work for me (just beeps). The (Page) and (Text) links work fine, as does the URL link for the source document.


Thanks korm. Its a lovely implementation. Again I learnt a ton from reading your script.


@korm, thanks very much for this script. I think it’s the best so far. Two issues for me.

  1. pdf quotation is pasted with some innacuracy. This happens if I paste the same material manually, as well. Can you reproduce the problem and solve it?

  2. When I try to input a hotkey/shortcut for the keyboard maestro script it does not take it. because accessibilty access is required. I tried to enable it under System Preferences but it’s still not working. The way I am using it is to click the “Try” buttom but would like to invoke a shortcut

I edited the second point above. No, the shortcut field won’t take any combination.

I put it in the Global Macro Group, but don’t know where to acess it now outside KM.