removing downloaded documents, without deleting them

There’s probably a ridiculously simple answer for this that I’m overlooking. After viewing a document on my iPhone that DTTG has downloaded from my computer, how do I return it just being indexed, rather than downloaded? If I delete it, it deletes the document from my computer. TIA

Not to be pedantic, but it’s not “indexed” (as DTTG2 does not allow for indexed files). We internally call it a “shallow Synced file”.

You can left-swipe on the record and choose “More…” and Purge the record. You can also just hit the Organize icon (square with downward arrow) in the bottom toolbar.

Thank you. Exactly what I needed. So am I understanding correctly that “purge,” simply means purge from this device?

Correct, purge removes the downloaded data file from that device but leaves its metadata in place. You can download the data later again from your sync store when needed.

Hi, Bluefrog.
I’m wondering how can do this (“purge”) in current DTTG version.
I do left-swipe on the record and choose “More…”, but there isn’t a “Purge” option.
And also I don’t find the “Purge” option in the Organize (square with downward arrow) in the bottom toolbar.

Purge is only available when using a shallow sync, i.e., Download Files: On Demand for a given database.
If a file in a database in DEVONthink To Go has a liitle blue cloud icon, it is shallowly synced and doesn’t have the contents. If there are no contents, they can’t be purged since that’s removing the contents.

Here file 002 can be purged, but the other files can’t be purged.

Also, if you have a group set to fully sync, none of the files in it can be purged, since that’s logically contrary.

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I got it. Exactly what I needed.
Many thanks. It is very kind of u.
Too many “tricks” in DTTG, I can’t follow it. :dizzy_face:

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

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