Removing downloaded indexed items from Go...

So I didn’t realise the default option for DT is to sync indexed files (in this case, to DT Go). I’ve turned that option off, but it hasn’t made that adjustment to DT Go. So, how do I delete the downloaded indexed files?

What option did you turn Off? A screencap would help.

This one…

That is not going to remove indexed files from DTTG2. You cannot index files in iOS. All unchecking the box on the Mac does it make it impossible to download the contents of shallowly Synced (Download Files: On demand) files.

That makes no sense to me, sorry. Thanks for replying however!

Already worked that one out… hence the title :slight_smile:

If there’s no indexing in iOS (and I believe you) then what impact does disabling an option related to indexed files have in iOS? If the impact is related to On Demand files, why is it referring to indexed files? Either DT is badly designed, I’m really confused, or you have it wrong.

That all said, at the end of the day, what I’m trying to understand is why my indexed files are being uploaded to Dropbox? I don’t want them to be a part of the database in full form and appear in DT Go. I already have them in another cloud system - that’s why I’ve chosen to only index them.

From the manual…

Sounds like what I thought it did…

First of all: iOS ≠ macOS. DTTG2 does not support indexing files and iOS’ sandboxing is even more restrictive than macOS… by a long shot.

The option you unchecked is relevant for Mac-to-Mac Syncing where both Macs have access to the same resource, like a local Dropbox folder on each machine.

Relative to iOS, unchecking this option leaves ONLY metadata in the Sync location. You are excluding the content so DTTG2 logically CANNOT download contents, because they’re not there. If you’re going to use DTTG2 with this Sync location, it MUST contain the contents for it to be able to download on demand.

I’m not talking about indexing a file on iOS. I’m talking about importing a file as an index on the Mac, and then seeing the record of that index on iOS, without downloading the full thing. I’m not using the Premium On Demand download feature.

Is that true? I can’t find reference of that at all. I just read the tutorial about this and it says…

It doesn’t refer to Mac only. DT on the Mac sends the metadata. DT Go shows the file without content. That’s all I’m reading. Can you confirm what you’re mentioning somehow?

As mentioned above, I’m not trying to download anything on iOS. I only want to see the record in the database. That’s all. I’m not sure why you keep mentioning On Demand downloading…

Thanks again for trying to help!

I should add - I’m not even sure if it’s possible to do what I’m asking. But, the options sure make it sound like it’s possible.

Seeing metadata only on iOS. The file is only on my Mac - not on Dropbox or on iOS.

What tutorial are you referring to?

If you haven’t purchased the Pro Pack in DTTG2, you will ONLY be able to Sync contents and metadata.

If you index a file on the Mac, then Sync but do NOT Synchronize the contents of indexed items, you should be getting what you’re describing in DTTG2.
You will see a small thumbnail and a Download link but you cannot download the contents.

If you made the change on the Mac after importing to DTTG2, delete the database in DTTG2, and reimport it after the deletion is finished.

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It’s under help… tutorials. It’s the Dropbox and WebDAV one.

Thanks for the advice… will do!