Removing Inbox From Finder Sidebar

I’ve decide DEVONthink is not for me. I have removed the app and everything else I can find (caches, plist, etc.), but the Inbox is still in my sidebar. It won’t let me select it so I can right click and remove it. I cant go to the finder window and see where it relly resides. Any suggestions on how I can get rid of it?

I assume you mean the Sorter tab.

Since you have already removed the application, a logout/login or Restart will remove the Sorter.

Since your subject said “Finder Sidebar” I assume you mean Finder.

The Inbox and other items in the sidebar are aliases. If you deleted the original, it has been moved to the trash, still exists, and so the alias now points to the Inbox in the trash . If you empty the trash, then the Inbox should disappear from the Finder sidebar.