Removing keyboard shortcut Control-Command-K?

I was taking some annotations (notes) on a video I was watching and accidentally hit control - command - K which deleted all my annotations instead of hitting control - command - L to create a timestamp.

Is there a way for me to remove the control - command - k as a keyboard shortcut combo so I don’t make that mistake again? I tried hitting command z, edit - undo typing as well as edit redo typing and wasn’t able to bring the annotations back, is there a way to bring them back if I accidentally clicked control - command - k in the future?


Your best bet would be to move the shortcut somewhere out of the way using the App Shortcuts in Keyboard Shortcuts Preferences.

Open System Prefs and go to the bottom section as shown. Choose DT3, as your app, type the Command exactly as it appears in the dropdown, then add your shortcut. You could switch it to something like ‘command-option-control-shift-k’, that way it’s the same place, but you have to be quite gymnastic with your fingers to use it, or move it somewhere else entirely.

Excellent!!! Thanks very much