Removing 'Previously Imported' from email messages

The last week or so with DEVONthink has been a steep learning curve but now, with my new found knowledge, I have a plan as to database structures etc.

I have made a new database for email but when I go to the Import area then Apple mail displays all emails etc but mailboxes I have previously added whilst ‘learning’ are showing the messages as Previously Imported and therefore will not Archive to my new location. I have removed the test databases I had previously archived to so is it possible to remove the ‘Previously Imported’ reference so I can Archive again?


Could you please post a screenshot of the message? In addition, does it work after deleting the test databases and/or restarting DEVONthink?

Sorry, my error … I still had a database open with an Email group. Removing this has resolved the issue.

Another lesson learnt!!