Removing tags from a selection of items?

I have a problem that I hope DEVONthink can solve … the intuitive way does not work:

I select items, and as long as they have exactly the same tags, I can use the Info panel to remove such tags …
So far, so good.

But when I select items with a different set of tags, there will be NO tags listed at all in the Info panel - und therefore, I cannot remove those tags.

I would have expcted that for any selection, the tags shown would be those that ALL of the items have set!

For example:

Item 1, tags: a, b, c
Item 2, tags: a, b
Item 3, tags: a

After selecting those items, I would have expected the tag “a” to be shown in the Item panel, so that I can could remove it.

Any idea?

Don’t let your expectations lead you astray :wink:

DEVONthink has never worked this way so Development would have to assess this as a feature request.

PS: You should read our blog more often - also available in the View > Extras sidebar. This is yesterday’s blog post…

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I was already fearing that I would need to do this by a script or smart rule or something.

But such a menu point with batch processing is fantastic :slight_smile:

I searched for such an option but was searching for the word “tag” in the menus :grinning:

Going to use this batch tool more often now!!!

Thanks again

You’re welcome and as I wrote in the post, it’s super useful for those occasional changes you need to make.
Happy batching! :smiley: