Removing tags from imported Together documents

Is there an easy way to remove tags from a document that was imported into DTPO 2 from another program, i.e., Together, where it had been assigned tags. The tags show up, but I can’t get rid of them. The result is that because of the tag, the file will show up when I use “see also,” and have no other connection with the main file other than the tag, i.e., if I search for the term information wanting to find files with the word, the tagged file without the word information in it also shows up. I know I can click the box to exclude the file from “see also,” but that seems to defeat the purpose of “see also” in other cases where the tag file should be found.

If the tags were stored as Finder/Spotlight comments by Together, then DEVONthink has imported them as comments and all you have to do is remove the comments. However, this does not affect See Also/Classify.

From Together I’d be they are stored as Keywords in the metadata and are only (currently) accessible via editing with TextEdit. Journler also exports its tags in the keywords fields.

Say what? :confused:

I think Dougist is on to something. They show up as tags in DTPro not in the comment section. As such I can click on them and they highlight, but cannot perform any action on the tags. And see also presents these files, even though no other content in the files contain the search firm, other than the tags.

Please send an example to cgrunenberg - at - and I’ll check this. Thanks!

I’ll add that what you are seeing is curious. I’ve never seen this when importing documents from Together into DTP. What I see is that no tags show up in DTP unless the option has been set in Together to copy tags to Spotlight comments, and if that is set the tags appear in DTP’s comment field.

Should have been …I’d bet they are…

(Proofing, proofing, always my downfall…and always the operative word, too)

When I test dumped data from Journler to Together, my tags came over as rtf/d keyword fields. I believe this began with Journler’s export of the items. On export Journler puts its Category in ‘subject’ and Tags in ‘keywords’. Together elegantly imports these back as tags - very thoughtful, and one of the few applications that handled the conversion so seamlessly. When the rtf/d’s are added to DT the tags are still there in the File> Show Properties ‘keyword field’ as accessed when opened in an external editor.

And greg is correct, the tags are there when opened with an alternative editor, like TextEdit or Bean, and will show up in DT’s Tools>Show Properties command.

But this data (and additional meta data, see “Additional Info” section of Info panel) is not (yet) used for See Also/Classify.

Ahh, that one missing ‘t’ eluded all my guesses.

Here’s a screen capture of what I’m seeing. The tags were applied in Together, the file imported into DTPro. As I said I can hover and they will turn darker blue, but I can’t take any other action. Maybe I shouldn’t be able to; I don’t know. Or maybe I will be able to when tags is fully implemented.
Or maybe I’m not even in the right place to do what I want. :confused:

P.S. Show properties is empty, if it matters.

Those tags are not there because of Together. Those tags are there because DT applies tags based on your folder structure. If you temporarily move that file to ‘Cooking>Tea’, you’ll see that the tags change accordingly.

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