Rename file in Smart Rule

In Hazel, when you “rename” a file as part of your rule, you get lots of Built-in templates:

Yet, in DT 3, I only see “Name”, but it’s not really a template – apparently, you are just supposed to type over it.

Am I missing something? Where are the date and other templates to use when renaming a file based on a pattern?

I could be wrong, hope I am, but it seems like another obvious use-case not considered.


In a smart rule you can use Change name and then various placeholders. See the manual (also available in app) appendix on placeholders for ideas.


Just right/control-click onto the field and navigate to Insert Placeholder in the contextual menu. There are lots of placeholders :slight_smile:


I didn’t see a tool-tip that told me I needed to right-click to get the list. Also, I did not find the right-click instruction in the manual.

Now that I know how to get to them, these placeholders are great. :slight_smile:

Appreciate the help.

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