Renaming a database

I want to rename my current default database, since the name I chose originally is no longer the one I would like.

If I go into Files-Properties, I can indeed give it a new name, which appears at the top of the database window when open, but the name of the file itself - before .dtBase - remains the same.

Ok, not a problem, I can live with it. But if I want data.dtBase to become newdata.dtBase, is this possible or not? In order not to corrupt my database, which contains hundreds of documents, I prefer to ask first, instead ot taking the risk of making a mistake if I change the name of the database in the Finder, for instance.

Thank you for letting me know what it is best to do… or not to do!

Just rename the database in the Finder. But contrary to filenames, the internal name (the one accessible via File > Database Properties) is not limited in any way and can contain any character.

Thank you for that very prompt and clear reply! I have done that, according to your instructions, and it seems to work well.